Clinical Trials

At Southwest Veterinary Oncology we participate in a variety of clinical trials, and often have many available to cover a broad range of tumor types.  Why do we do this?  Because it is usually a win-win for everybody so let’s review the basics.

What is a veterinary oncology clinical trial? 

Clinical trials are defined in Wikipedia as “a set of procedures in medical research and drug development that are conducted to allow safety and efficacy data to be collected for health interventions. “  In veterinary oncology clinical trials we are looking for drugs, procedures or equipment that improve the outcome in our cancer patients – we want them to live longer and have less side effects.

Why would we want to participate in a clinical trial?

We want the clinical trial to benefit both the patient and the client, and we can think of three ways for this to happen:
This may allow your pet to have access to the newest and most promising developments in oncology.
The information we learn from these studies is almost always designed to translate across species lines to benefit people as well.
Because the outcome of any clinical trial is unknown, the majority of clinical trials offer a substantial discount in fees allowing us to treat many more patients.

What kinds of clinical trials are there?

Clinical trials usually come in three types:

Phase I – These involve a small number of patients and are geared towards evaluating the safety of a new treatment, rather than how effective it may be.
Phase II – Using the information gathered in phase I, these studies go on to use the safety information to treat a larger group of patients and evaluate how much activity the new treatment option is capable of demonstrating.
Phase III – Now that we know it has some activity, we want to know if it is better or safer than what is currently available.  If it fits either of those criteria, it may become the new standard of care.


We’d like for you to meet a few of the animals that are currently participating in a clinical trial:

Maggie the Bassett Hound  (* participating in our lymphoma study)

* read the “Cancer Survivors come in all shapes and sizes” article Maggie starred in.

participating in the lymphoma study









See the clinical trials available at our Tucson locations.