How We Help

Has your pet been diagnosed with cancer?

We understand.

The diagnosis of cancer alone is very hard to take. You are filled with fear and worries.

What are your options? What if there is nothing you can do? Will my pet recover? How long will it take and what is it going to take?

We hear these questions on a daily basis from our clients.

The good news is – there are options.



We offer our patients a wide range of treatment options. We develop customized plans that combine multiple treatments including the latest chemotherapy protocols, radiation therapy, immune system support, surgery and other appropriate treatments.

We are obligated to give you the best information, matter of fact – all the information, so you can make an educated decision.

The goal is to add quality time to your pet’s life!


We are proud to feature all of our wonderful patients we had over the years.

Since its 1990 beginnings in historic Tucson, Southwest Veterinary Oncology, PLLC has been a compassionate and knowledgeable source of information and treatment for our referring veterinarians and their patients and clients.

Southwest Veterinary Oncology now features two locations serving Arizona and the great southwest. These state-of-the art facilities house the most advanced equipment and are staffed with board-certified oncologists to bring the latest technology to your veterinary cancer patient.