Sierra Corry – the therapy dog

So, what can we say about such a beautiful little creature. It’s not been too long since our little one passed into the next life after her complications in recovering from her Hemangiosarcoma. It was a journey that I would not wish on the worst people I have known.
She was 12 & 3/4 years old when she passed.

How does one condense the impact of a precious companion of almost of 14 years into a short story? Sierra was a beloved companion, a best friend, a furry face and wet tongue, always available for kisses and hugs; a bright spot for sick kids and the love of my life.

Sierra was a happy, friendly, outgoing yellow lab – always ready with a wagging tail, a smile and up beat anticipation of the fun about to happen. She kept this incredible spirit through radiation and chemo and even in her last hours with a kiss for those trying to help her.
I only wish I had the enormous capacity for trust and love that she did. Sierra’s trust in me was breathtaking to behold and I vowed throughout her life to live up to her expectations of me.

Sierra was a Delta Society therapy dog for 8 years and volunteered as my partner at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for 7 years. She was so excited when our ‘work’ gear came out – the volunteer scarf she wore, my fanny pack and volunteer apron. She knew fun and affection and treats were just around the corner and enjoyed every minute of her time with the kids. She participated in other volunteer activities, like Vet Day at McDowell Mountain Ranch elementary school, Swing Fore Kids Golf and Dine with Your Dog fund raising activities.
She was game for any adventure we undertook together, as long as we were together.

I miss her terribly, the hole she left in my life cannot be filled but I am grateful for the many happy and healthy years she had and all the unconditional love she gave me. A friend of mine once told me that each of us has a ‘heart’ dog – one who connects with us in a way that cannot be explained or understood by others, unless you have experienced this yourself. Sierra was and always will be my heart

Diana Corry

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